Portrait of Sara

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Portrait of Sara 25Mar

Portrait of Sara

Charcoal on Roma paper. 50cm x 60cm.  

Portrait of Fabio 25Mar

Portrait of Fabio

  Charcoal on Roma paper 50cm x 60cm

Portrait of Chichio 25Mar

Portrait of Chichio

  Oil on Linen. 50cm x 60cm Exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painting 2008 I loved doing this portrait of Chichio, a student of Psychology in Florence where I was painting at the time. I was full of wonder as he was extraordinarily adept at striking the exact same pose each and every time[…..]

Portrait of Camilla 09Nov

Portrait of Camilla

Oil on Linen. 50cm x 60cm. Exhibited at the Mall Galleries London 2011. Camilla was visiting Florence to study art history at the time I was there and was very happy to sit for me. It was very hot weather at that particular time I recall and the portrait took several sessions but it was worth[…..]

Portait of Allegra 09Nov

Portait of Allegra

Oil on Linen. 40cm x 50cm. Private Commission. A beautiful little girl that I was commissioned to paint last year by her father as a present for his mother.  She was such a treat to paint with wonderful spun golden sienna coloured hair.