Portrait of Manon Ouimet

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Portrait of Manon Ouimet

Portrait of Manon Ouimet

  • Oil on Linen.
  • 50cm x 60cm.
  • Exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London 2011.

Manon is my darling daughter who now lives abroad mostly in Sydney. One summer when she was visiting we decided to do an up to date portrait of her. Why not? She had this hair cut done for a fashion show that she was modelling in and had these brighter colours in her hair with purple like reds and fair highlights.  The hair cut was really short too. We did the portrait in 4 sittings down at my studio in Fulham. I think I captured a sadness in her expression for she was only in London for a flying visit and we do miss each other lots! This painting has been exhibited in The Mall Galleries in London with the SWA.

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Manon Ouimet

July 2010
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