Portrait of Clemency Stimpfig

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Portrait of Clemency Stimpfig

Portrait of Clemency Stimpfig

  • Oil on Linen.
  • 50cm x 64cm.
  • Private Commission.

Clemency’s husband Mark approached me to commission a portrait of Clemency for a Special Birthday. Mark knew of me via my daughter who was great friends with their daughter.  This present had to be top secret.  However, we did not have any photographs for me to work from.  A plan was devised.  The girls got together and one afternoon spent shooting images of Clemency on the pretext of an Art ‘A’ Level project that they were doing at school.  The story worked well.  Mark paid me a couple of visits during the process and nearing the end of completion to make sure the painting was going as it should be. Mark presented Clemency her portrait on the morning of her Birthday before a very big party was due to be held at their house that very afternoon to which I had been kindly invited. I can tell you I was extremely nervous. What was so wonderful was that she rang me that morning in floods of tears because she was overwhelmed with joy.  She had thought her husband was going to give her a set of patio chairs and a swing or something of the nature that was of practical use. Not only did she adore the portrait but she was extremely touched that her husband had done something so romantic and thoughtful. It made my day.


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Clemency Stimpfig

June 2007
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